For inclusion in online publication + performative reading,
February 2017 @ TTU Satellite Gallery, CASP, Lubbock, TX

(Alphabetical order by author)

  1. Sex Ed. by Catherine Arra
  2. The Day I Stopped Being Adorable by Terri Carrion
  3. Excision by Ann Cefola
  4. What It Takes by Amy Dupcak
  5. A Brief Natural History of An Eighth Grade Girl by Sarag Freligh
  6. Falling Off One’s Bedroom Slippers by Elizabyth Hiscox
  7. Health Care by Akua Lezli Hope
  8. To Dana by Ellaraine Lockie
  9. The Smell of Hai Karate by Amy Pence
  10. High Noon @ the Holiday Inn, Omaha  by Shoshauna Shy

For inclusion in online publication (Alphabetical order by author)

  1. Poems–Training Bra, Tonight I Dream of My First True Love, How I Lost My Virginity to Michael Cohen, The First Time I Gave Cousin Lisa An Orgasm, and Subterranean Lovesick Clues by Alexis Rhone Fancher
  2. Some Childhood Dreams Really Do Come True by Beth Ann Fennelly
  3. Mouths and Fists by Carly Gates
  4. Shame by DaMaris Hill
  5. Preparing Trout Caviar in the First Trimester by Elizabyth Hiscox
  6. Falsies by Gleah Powers
  7. At Thirteen, It Was by Jillian Schedneck
  8. Finding Wings by Jennifer Schomburg Kanke
  9. The Typography of Her Chest by  Evelyn Sharenov
  10. The Fifth Zone by Lisa Vihos