Preparing Trout Caviar in the First Trimester by Elizabyth Hiscox

Preparing Trout Caviar in the First Trimester by Elizabyth Hiscox

The man who knows how is aided
by a woman who sees more. He admits.
He writes the book that I am scanning

on foraging, on making the most
of what life has given me to work with—
what life has been taken is what the woman

reminds the reader. She who is not color blind.
You see, he sees the skein of eggs and weighs
them “gray.” She can see the red vessels,

that rope, the roe, the deep stain
that sucks its way into the cutting board
now braided with membrane and blood

and bright orange eggs. He can’t see
beyond the orange. And calls the trout we caught
the “hen.” What a haul at the hen house

these hundreds and, who would have thought,
so much blood in her…
Not wanting to waste, I am here learning about the strain

through the fine mesh, the salt, the preparation of,
the preparation for an end that I can honor, can see
clearly enough might have been beginning.


About Elizabyth Hiscox

Elizabyth A. Hiscox is the author of Inventory from a One-Hour Room and her poetry has appeared in DMQ Review, The Fiddlehead, Gulf Coast, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Matter, and elsewhere. She recently served as layout editor for New Issues Poetry & Prose, and Poetry Editor for Third Coast. The recipient of Arizona Commission on the Arts and Vermont Studio Center Grants, she was also Poet-in-Residence at Durham University (UK). She teaches creative writing at Western State Colorado University.

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