High Noon @ the Holiday Inn, Omaha

High Noon @ the Holiday Inn, Omaha by Shoshauna Shy

On sale for a song
in the dancewear department
leotards in prim pastels
with matching color-plated snaps
at the crotch
designed for gliding
through aquamarine ponds
or for executing delicate
jetes     Not  

for plunging feet first 
into the outdoor pool 

where a troop of 12-year-old boys 

are splashing                
Me thrashing 
trying to     the nylon not 

stretching to        Mother laughing so hard she
           can barely
                                      hand me
the towel 


Note: accent on 2nd “e” in “jetes”

About Shoshauna Shy

Shoshauna Shy’s narrative poetry has recently been published by IthacaLit, Hartskill Review, RHINO, Gulf Stream and Sliver of Stone. Her flash fiction is slated for publication by 100 Word Story, Fiction Southeast, Literary Orphans and Prairie Wolf Press Review. 

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