Sex Ed

by Catherine Arra

Sex Ed. 

I find out
on the fifth-grade playground
sprint over the hill connecting
our backyards and announce
“I know all about sex, how it happens!”
Beverly is blank, then lights up
“Really? How?”
“You know the guy’s thing,” I say with great
import, pointing to my groin, air sculpting
an imaginary penis.
She says, “Yeah…?”
“Well, he takes that and puts it in…
in the girl’s hole.” I’m repeating exactly what
I’ve heard, imitating with fingers
inserting index finger through circle.
“Hole? What hole?” she blurts.
I’m stumped too. Barbie and Ken
don’t have holes.
Our mothers didn’t talk about it either.
Naked from the waist down
we face each other legs spread like scissors
craning forward nose to crotch
to determine exactly what hole.
We find two.
“Which one?” she says.
“I don’t know…this one?” I say
touching the pink nub of my clitoris.
“NO way,” Bev says, “Can’t be.
You couldn’t even get a pencil in there!
It’s gotta be this other hole.”
Well, she was right about that.


About the Author

Catherine Arra lives in upstate New York. A former English and writing teacher, her poetry and prose have been published in various journals online and in print. Recent work appears or will soon appear in The Timberline Review, Writers Tribe Review, Boston Literary Magazine and Sugared Water. Her chapbooks are: Slamming & Splitting (Red Ochre Press, 2014) and Loving from the Backbone (Flutter Press, 2015)

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