Falling Off One’s Bedroom Slippers

Falling Off One’s Bedroom Slippers by Elizabyth Hiscox

The glamour hammer of The Fifties is in full swing, as are the post-world-war-two what the bejeezus
you can do that with your tongue? cocktail parties and the post-world-war-two what the

bejeezus you can do that with your wife? complications alongside acres of frozen food and cars that
couldn’t stop on a dime if every toddler in the newly-fashioned suburbs were to toddle out 

into my cherry red pogo stick lollipopped jacks and soda hopped version of The Fifties.
My grandmother is the one telling me the story and how it all ends fairly badly with a split wrist,

a bone snapped, a woman collapsed out of her sex-me-up house shoes down her single family
nightmare of a staircase with wall-to-wall: a place for everything and everything in its Max

Factor and it’s really no wonder that their daughters, my mother, thought the only way to get rid of a slip-on heel that was ready for meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and from-behind was to burn it.

About Elizabyth Hiscox

Elizabyth A. Hiscox is the author of Inventory from a One-Hour Room and her poetry has appeared in DMQ Review, From the Fishouse, The Fiddlehead, Gulf Coast, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Matter, and elsewhere. She has also served as Poet-in-Residence at Durham University (UK). Also selected for the Seventh Avenue Streetscape public-art initiative, her poetry was displayed on a central-Phoenix billboard for a year in conjunction with the city’s first Friday art walks. Her poetry scholarship has appeared in The Journal of Modern Literature and was recently referenced in the SAGE Handbook of Feminist Theory. She’s served as layout editor for New Issues Poetry & Prose, associate editor for 42Opus, and as Managing and Poetry Editor for Third Coast. The recipient of Arizona Commission on the Arts and Vermont Studio Center Grants, the Sonoran Prize in Poetry, she was also a finalist for the Larry Levis Poetry Prize and Cleveland State Poetry Center Prize. Recipient of the highest award in the Southeast Review’s Gearhart Poetry Contest, and the Ludvik Vaculik Prize in creative nonfiction. Hiscox holds an MFA from Arizona State University and a PhD from Western Michigan University. She has taught writing in England, the Czech Republic, and Spain and currently instructs at Western State Colorado University where she is founding director of the Contemporary Writer Series.

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